Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music Update Vol. 4

Hey folks!

I am so sorry that i didn't update my blog in the last weeks.
I had to solve some personal problems and the last weeks weren't easy for me.

But now I'm back with a new music update :)!
My promised Review of my brothers Pioneer equipment will follow (didn't find the time for it atm).

Anthony Rother - My Name is Telecraft

This one is classic!
Pure Anthony Rother - awesome song. Please prepare your ears and subwoofer :).

Matthias Meyer - Voltage

I posted the track "Reichenbach" in one of my first posts (Music Update Vol. 1) from Matthias Meyer who is a really great artist.
This track is one of his masterpieces.

Levon Dimitri - Need Acid (Original Mix)

I found this one today - HOLY CRAP!
What a fat tune. I really cant sit still when listening to this one. It's crazy!

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